Ferret Links
A short list to Get You Started

General Ferret Information

Ferret Central

One of the most comprehensive sources
of ferret information on the web

Ferret Health

MiamiFerret.org - Ferret Health Care

Lots of articles and information on some of the most common diseases and treatments in aging ferrets.

The Ferrets

How to give Sub-Q Fluids at home
How to modify your Midwest cage to make it safer for your ferrets

- and a great place to find additional ferret links so we don't have to duplicate them all here!

California Ferret Legalization Efforts

Ferrets Anonymous


companies and organizations that have been very active
in supporting this site and NYC ferret legalization

Home of The Ferret Calendar, Grin & Ferret Cards, and More!


* Californian's For Ferret Legalization, Modern Ferret Magazine, and The (Original) Ferret Store, were also huge supporters, but no longer have active websites.