About NYCFerrets.Com

History of NYCFerrets.Com

On June 29th 1999, ferrets were banned in New York City's five boroughs. Two days later on July 1st 1999, the NYCFerrets.Com website opened (then known as "NYC Ferrets.") Our goal was to provide a central source of accurate, up to date information on the New York City ferret ban and current legalization efforts, so that NYC ferret owners had the information they needed to take action and re-legalize ferrets in New York City's five boroughs.

Through this site, visitors could:

  • Find out what, when, and where legalization efforts were taking place, and what they could do to support them.
  • Utilize additional materials and online tools to help in those efforts.
  • Join a "snail mail" or email list (split into non NYC, and NYC lists, which were further divided by City Council District, so people could be quickly notified of specific action that was needed in their area.)
  • Download flyers, handouts, postcards, petitions, and sample letters to fill out and distribute.
  • Use the NYCFerrets.com PO Box as a return address, if people were nervous about using their own address when writing to legislators.
  • NYCFerrets.com also worked with local pet stores and ferret veterinarians to help get information out to ferret owners, by supplying them with flyers and handouts for their customers.

NYCFerrets.Com Today

Since major legalization efforts have quieted down, NYCFerrets.com is primarily an archive for information on past legalization efforts, and the history of NYC's Ferret Ban. To help distinguish recently updated pages from older content, pages that have been updated since 2014 have white backgrounds. Older pages which may not be current have gray "archive" backgrounds.

Remember, NYCFerrets.Com is made up of volunteers. Nobody has any more pull or authority or power to change this ban, than any of you. Our strength has always been in the large number of visitors and supporters to this site. We can tell you what's going on, but YOU've got to do the actual work! Reading about what's happening isn't enough. When enough ferret supporters make their voices heard, respectfully, intelligently, to the right people, with the right facts, and at the right times, ferrets will once again be legal in New York City.