How The Ferret Ban Started
Dr. Taylor's Letter vs. the facts: NH Governor proclaims "Ferret Appreciation Day"

The following proclamation was made by Governor Jeanne Shaheen:



JUNE 12, 1997

WHEREAS: Mustela furo, commonly known as the ferret, is truly a domesticated animal with a long and colorful history of faithful service as a working animal, and a pet; and

WHEREAS: Ferrets are the third most popular companion animal in New Hampshire after unrestricted ownership of ferrets was granted in December 1992; and

WHEREAS: On June 12, 1995, New Hampshire was the first in the nation to grant a statewide quarantine period for properly vaccinated ferrets; and

WHEREAS: Ferret owners across the United States regard New Hampshire as a leader for the ethical treatment of ferrets; and

WHEREAS: As a result of the New Hampshire law granting quarantine to properly vaccinated ferrets, we now celebrate an annual Ferret Awareness Day in Merrimack, NH where ferret owners from all over may bring their pets without fear of confiscation; and

WHEREAS: These freedoms are accompanied by the responsibility to care properly for ferrets, which includes procuring vaccinations in accordance with health requirements; training these animals to behave within the context of domestic life; and fighting abuse, neglect, and abandonment of these animals; and

WHEREAS: Ferrets have earned and won a place in the hearts and minds of the citizens of New Hampshire by bringing them unlimited joy and happiness;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JEANNE SHAHEEN, Governor of the State of New Hampshire, do hereby proclaim June 12, 1997 to be FERRET APPRECIATION DAY and urge all the citizens of the state to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.

Ferret Services of Freedom encourages ferret owners to make sure your ferrets are current on their vaccinations! We in NH enjoy the privilege of a quarantine period for ferrets vaccinated against rabies in the event of a nip or scratch incident. In many other states, companion ferrets, even though they are vaccinated against rabies and show no signs of exposure to the virus, are killed for testing.

Thank you Governor Shaheen for proclaiming June 12th as a special day for our ferrets!

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