How You Can Help


*Note: Since there are no current legalization efforts in NYC at this time, NYCFerrets.Com is being maintained primarily as an archival site for information on the ban and past legalization efforts. If we are made aware of new ferret legalization efforts for NYC, this site will resume more of its former functions and will inform people on the e-mail lists.


  1. Get involved in our current legalization efforts.

  2. Join Our Email List

    In addition to keeping you updated on current legalization efforts in NYC, our email list is also used to let people know when we need help with envelope stuffing, Xeroxing or anything else.

  3. Make a Donation to NYCFerrets.Com

    We can always use donations to cover the costs of mailings and supplies.

  4. Buy stuff and help raise money for NYCFerrets.Com at the same time!

    Help raise awareness and raise money for NYCFerrets.Com. Buy a ferret legalization T-shirt! (or a tote bag!), or shop through iGive!

  5. Let us know about NYC ferret veterinarians and pet stores that sell ferret supplies

    If you know of a New York City vet who specializes in ferrets or a pet store in the five boroughs that carries ferret supplies, please let us know so that we can keep them and their clients up to date on current legalization efforts. (Note: we already know about all the Petlands and Petcos in the five boroughs!)

    We also need volunteers to keep in touch with those vets and pet stores. Let us know which ones you're near and whether or not you're willing to stop in once in a while with flyers and/or other information for their ferret customers.

  6. Most importantly:

    Things may seem a bit slow at times, but when we're in the middle of a particular legalization effort, everything has to happen very quickly and we need EVERYBODY to get involved. If we say "write a letter" or "help your vet do a mailing" or "get a petition signed" by a certain date, or if we tell you that there's a public hearing or other event that ferret supporters need to attend we need you to do that when we say to do it! Those are the most crucial times to get involved. It may seem like what we ask you to do won't make a big difference, but it does.

    An example is this past May's (2001) bill to legalize ferrets. We were almost there! In the end we were only about 4 votes short of re-legalizing ferrets in NYC for good. As little as 5-6 calls to each of those 4 Council Members, from people in their district, would have probably resulted in our bill being passed. In other words, if only 25 more people had picked up a phone or written a letter when we asked them to do so, your ferrets would be legal today. So please, when we ask you to do something, just do it, and ferrets will be legal again in no time!


Thank you for your support!