Past Legalization Efforts
Lawsuit against Mayor Giuliani and the Department of Health
Affidavit of Dr. Charles William Schaubhut






) SS.:


Dr. Charles William Schaubhut, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

1. I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, licensed to practice in the State of New York. My office is located at 241 Eldridge Street in Manhattan. I have been a working veterinarian for 28 years. I would estimate I have attended in excess of 100,000 animals in my professional career.

2. 1 have examined and/or performed surgery on many hundreds of ferrets in my career and am very familiar with the species. A healthy ferret should Live an average of seven to ten years. Ferrets are clean and may be litter-box trained. In handling ferrets, it is my observation that healthy adults rarely bite. It is my professional opinion that the domestic ferret is an intelligent and rewarding house pet suitable for urban environments. Owners of ferrets I have attended come from all walks of life and have overwhelmingly expressed their satisfaction with the animal.

3. I am disturbed by some data published on ferrets coming from public health officials, as I find much of the data unscientific and questionable as to its intent. My experience with the animal has been positive and I would cite many years of dealing with satisfied owners as a principal reason for their lawful possession by responsible owners.


Dr. C.W. Schaubhut
October 12, 1999


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