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*Note: Contact information has been removed since this website is now being maintained primarily as an archival site for information on the New York City Ferret ban and past legalization efforts.


For those interested:

The website's contact information consisted of an e-mail address and a PO box address. People were encouraged to write to the PO box if they did not have access to the Internet and wished to be added to the "snail mail" mailing list. People were also encouraged to use the PO Box address, with their name at the top, as their return address if they were writing to legislators and were nervous about using their home address in their correspondence. It was stated on the website that mail sent to the NYCFerrets.Com PO Box would become the property of NYCFerrets.Com, but that, if someone wanted us to forward a reply that was written to them, we would do our best to get it to them if they provided us with their address and stamps to cover the postage.