E-Mail Lists


*Note: The Legalization E-Mail Lists for NYCFerrets.Com are no longer active. This website is now being maintained primarily as an archival site for information on the New York City Ferret ban and past legalization efforts.


For those interested:

NYCFerrets.Com had two legalization e-mail lists. One for "Non NYC residents" and another for "NYC Residents" which was divided by City Council districts. In order to join the NYC Resident e-mail list, you had to provide the name of your Council Member (which could be found by a quick zip code search via a link on the sign up page). There was a "snail mail" mailing list as well.

Subdividing the NYC Resident e-mail list into City Council districts not only helped for contacting people within a specific district if needed, but it also helped to know how many e-mail list members were in each district. This was important information since it was crucial to know how many people were available in each district to write to that district's City Council Member.