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Some General Information About Ferrets


Ferrets are caged most of the time but should be let out at least twice a day, for a minimum of 2 hours, for play, socialization and exercise. Ferret cages tend to be medium to large sized and are generally outfitted with hammocks, polar fleece sleeping sacks, food, water, a litterbox or two, and assorted toys. Ferrets generally sleep 18 hours a day and readily return to the security and comfort of their cage when they are tired. When they wake up they are ready to play. Ferrets eat high quality kibbled ferret foods and/or high quality kibbled kitten foods.

Ferrets are curious and playful by nature and will try to initiate play with practically any animal or human being they encounter. They enjoy chasing balls and strings much like kittens do. They like to play "one way fetch" -where you throw the ball, then they fetch it and hide it someplace! Ferrets also enjoy playing hide and seek, tug of war, and love to be tickled.

Ferrets are not rodents, nor should they be treated as such. A ferret is not a hamster nor a guinea pig. Ferrets are domesticated companion animals. A ferret should be raised in a manner similar to a dog. No "special training" or schooling is required to handle or raise a ferret. Just basic responsible educated pet ownership.

Ferret owners become very attached to their companion animals and often think of them as their "children". Like other owners of domesticated pets, ferret owners will spend large amounts of money making sure that their ferrets have the best hammock, sleeping sack, beanie baby or jingly ball that money can buy!

Pet ferrets are not right for everyone. No pet is right for everyone. Just as dogs require daily walking and cats require regular litterbox cleaning, ferrets have similar needs. People who do not have the time or money to properly care for a pet, shouldn't own one. But a dog in the hands of a responsible pet owner, a cat in the hands of a responsible pet owner, and a ferret in the hands of a responsible pet owner, can provide many happy years of love and companionship.

It's time for educated responsible pet owners to stop being treated like criminals.

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