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Ferrets are wonderful curious perpetually playful highly intelligent companion animals.

Ferret intelligence rivals that of dogs. Often, people who are unfamiliar with ferrets might mistake a ferret for a wild animal or a rodent, but ferrets are far from it! Although animals similar to ferrets exist in the wild, ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years and do not exist anywhere in the wild (Just as wolves exist in the wild but poodles do not.). Far from being anything like rodents, ferrets, which are part of the Mustelidae family, are actually rodent hunters.

Ferrets are not the right pet for everyone. No pet is right for everyone. Ferrets may not cost much to buy or adopt, but veterinary costs for ferrets can be expensive. Do your homework BEFORE you bring home a ferret! Please do NOT get a ferret as a pet if you do not have the time or money care for it properly for all 10 years of its life.

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