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New York City Ferret Meetups


We often get emails asking where or how to meet other ferret owners in NYC. We've heard of a way that might be of interest to some of you. The Meetup.com website provides a way for people with similar interests (in this case "ferrets") to get together informally once a month in cities all over the world.


How do ferret meetups work?

  • Each month, several possible locations for the meetup are provided which may include local restaurants, pet stores, even bowling alleys.
  • YOU get to vote for your choice of location.
  • Approximately one week before the scheduled meetup, an email is sent confirming the date, time, and address of the location that received the most votes.
  • You RSVP whether or not you can attend. (* This is a very important step! Even if you voted for a location you must also RSVP once the location has been chosen. If fewer than 5 people RSVP the meetup will be canceled for that month.)
  • You show up at the chosen location at the time and date specified, so do the other ferret lovers, (usually, someone will have a sign or other way for you to find each other) and you all meet and talk about whatever you'd like. Since the meetups generally take place at public places of business, ferrets should be left at home.

That's all there is to it!


Are the New York City ferret meetups run by NYCFerrets.Com?

No. The NYC ferret meet-ups are not run or sponsored by NYCFerrets.Com nor are they legalization related. We're not affiliated with them at all. These meetups take place all over world once a month and we thought some of you might be interested in taking advantage of New York City's ferret meetups as an opportunity to meet other local ferret lovers in NYC.


Do I have to pay anything?

Although Meetup.com has recently added some additional features you can access for a fee, their main service (helping groups of people with similar interests sign up for, vote on, and schedule a time and place to meet) is still 100% free!


Why does Meetup.com ask for my email address? Am I going to get spammed?

We have yet to hear of anyone who has received any spam at any email address used to register with them. So far, the only emails Meetup.com sends are:

  1. An email telling you it's time to vote for that month's meetup location.
  2. An email telling you which location received the most votes and asking you to confirm whether or not you'll be able to attend (Voting on a location is NOT an RSVP. You have to RSVP as well once a location is chosen!)
  3. An email to let you know if the meetup is canceled (If not enough people RSVPd in time).

Make sure to use a valid email address when registering with Meetup.com otherwise they won't be able to inform you of the meetup location that's been chosen and they won't be able to let you know if it's canceled at the last minute.


How can I learn more and sign up to go to New York City's next ferret meetup?

Go to Meetup.com's website!

* Remember, you don't have to be a ferret owner to attend. You could be a former ferret owner, a future ferret owner, or just a person who likes ferrets!

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