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New NYC Board Of Health Decides not to lift Ferret Ban

On March 10th 2015, the New York City Board of Health decided not to lift NYC's ferret ban.
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Local ferret shelter looking for experienced volunteers

Joanne Dreeben runs a private ferret shelter in Yonkers, NY (about 30 minutes from Grand Central Station by train) and is looking for experienced volunteers to clean ears, clip nails, and scrub cages for approximately 20 ferrets. Volunteers need to have experience and be able to safely handle all types of ferrets, not just the easy ones.
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We're updating the site!

Please bear with us as we update this site. For the past 10+ years, has primarily served as an archive for older legalization efforts. Recently updated and current pages will have white backgrounds. Older pages, which may have outdated information, will have gray "ARCHIVE" backgrounds.

The important information to know is that Ferrets are STILL ILLEGAL in New York City. Ferrets are legal in the rest of New York State and most of the contiguous USA except for California.

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