Yonkers Ferret Shelter
Experienced volunteers needed!

Volunteers Needed

Joanne Dreeben runs a private ferret shelter in Yonkers, NY (about 30 minutes from Grand Central Station by train) and is looking for experienced volunteers to clean ears, clip nails, and scrub cages for approximately 20 ferrets.

Experience Needed:

  • Volunteers need to have experience clipping ferret nails and cleaning ears.
  • Some ferrets at the shelter are old or ill. Some ferrets came from places where they were neglected or abused, and may be skittish, bitey, or aggressive. Volunteers need to have experience and be able to safely handle all these types of ferrets, not just the easy ones.
  • Ferrets at the shelter are let out to play in shifts throughout the day, so volunteers need to be comfortable having 5 or 6 ferrets crawling around (and sometimes on) them while they work.
  • Volunteers should also be willing to assemble/disassemble and scrub cages and litter boxes, and sometimes mop the ferret room floor.

If you love ferrets but do not have experience in these areas, please do not apply. Joanne needs someone who is comfortable handling all ferrets, especially the special needs ones, and who is willing to get their hands dirty! If that sounds like you, please contact Joanne Dreeben at


Looking to adopt?

You can also contact Joanne if you're interested in adopting a ferret. Many ferrets at the shelter are young and healthy and looking for loving forever homes!


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