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NYC Board of Health Decides not to lift ferret ban. Several pages updated throughout the site.


• Removed broken links from Links page


Board of Health meeting to decide legalization of ferrets in NYC is scheduled for March 10th 2015


Yonkers Ferret Shelter Looking For Experienced Volunteers


• Added more information about the December 2014 Board of Health Meeting, and the January 2015 Public Hearing.


• On January 21st 2015, a public hearing was held on the subject of legalizing ferrets in New York City. Read more


• Updates and link fixes on How the Ban Started page.
• Updated the Banned Animal List - Not many changes from the original list. A few extra animals, and some additional information for things like beekeeping.
ASPCA and NY Humane Society testimony from the 1999 DOH Hearing - in favor of removing ferrets from the list of banned animals, added to the Downloads page.
• Minor changes to Ferret Ban FAQs (Fixed a few typos.)


• Updated Ferret Ban FAQs


• Updated About NYCFerrets.com page.


• Added a gray background graphic, with the word "ARCHIVE" to all older pages on the site. Current/updated pages should now have white backgrounds, and older or not yet updated pages, should now all have gray "ARCHIVE" backgrounds. * If you've been to NYCFerrets.Com before, you may need to clear your browser's cache for the new background changes to take effect.


• Added a new Downloads page with link to PDF of Californians For Ferret Legalization's 355 page Ferret Legalization in California Booklet.


• Updated Current News
• Updated Front page of site
• Added new page about the Ferret Club of New York City's 2014 Legalization Efforts.
• Removed outdated links from Navigation Menu.
• Gradually updating some fonts/styles/links/info throughout site.


• Removed "Join E-mail List" page and associated files. The e-mail list is now closed. All current members of the list should have received a final update.
• Removed "Submit your Vet" and "Submit your Local Pet Store" forms. Those lists are no longer being maintained.
• Removed Contact Information. The former e-mail address and PO box for this site are now closed.
• Went through entire site and fixed some typos and outdated links.

12/31/04 • Removed links to fundraising products (T-shirts, tote bags etc.)

• Updated link on "Ferret Meetup" page.
• Removed links to "How you can help", "Donations", and "Fundraising" pages from the main navigation bar since there are no current legalization efforts and we don't need additional funds at this time. Remaining fundraising products (T-shirts, tote bags etc.) will be removed after the holidays.
• Added notices about this site now being primarily for archival purposes to the "E-mail List", "About NYCFerrets.Com" and "Contact Us" pages.
• Added notice to the "Contact Us" page that email sent to this site will now only be checked once a month.
• Changed and updated "Legalization Efforts" pages to "Past Legalization Efforts."
• Updated links to City Council Website

4/9/04 • Added Lori Malizia to "Thank You"s -Long overdue!
• Fixed some outdated info.

• Removed "Under Construction" notices.
• Added script to randomize "Ferret Facts" on main page.

1/18/04 • Uploaded new NYCFerrets.Com title logo and corner graphic
1/17/04 • Moved NYCFerrets.Com to a new web host.
• Uploaded "Under Construction" page at previous hosting space.
• Posted "Under Construction" notice for our email address on contact us page until web host move is complete.
• Removed outdated material from the Current News page.
• Updated sample list of iGive shops.
• Updated Who To Write page.
10/20/03 • Added information about NYC Council Member candidates for 11/4/03 elections
• Added Ferret Meetup information to the "current news" page

• Added information on New York City Ferret Meetups
• Deleted or updated links that were no longer working including but not limited to:

  • Ferrettoons: Ferrettoons CafePress shops are closed.
  • CDFA links: Site is gone.
  • Some Californians for Ferret Legalization links: Site is currently under construction.
  • Ferret Ban License Plate Frame link: Item is no longer available.
4/21/03 • Changed iGive listing (at iGive site) to "NYCFerrets.Com (c/o Melissa Blake)" to enable us to cash checks issued by them. It's a clumsy way to list "NYCFerrets.Com" but it's the only way iGive will include a human name on the check for check cashing purposes.
4/14/03 • Added information to the ferret vaccinations page
4/13/03 • Minor updates throughout the site
4/8/03 • Updated some Council Member addresses on the Who To Write page.

Rabies vaccinations for ferrets are the law in New York State

2/12/03 FerretFaces.Com donates calendars for each NYC Council Member
California requests YOUR help! (Links to additional information were added later in the day)
• Added 2 more CA info links to links page
• Added The Ferret Store to list of iGive stores
• Updated Council Member Addresses on Who To Write page
11/5/02 • A problem with submitting forms (for joining the email lists and for submitting vets and pet stores) has been fixed.
10/30/02 • Added information about "legalization packet" project to legalization efforts page
• Removed the words "Limited Edition" from License Plate Frame information since it will now be available all year round.
• Added information about raising money for ferret legalization efforts in NYC while shopping during the holiday season.
• Updated general information throughout the site
• Added "hover" effects for links.
10/11/02 • Updated links to NYPIRG's Council Finder on the "Legalization Efforts" and "Join our email list" pages.
8/9/02 • Added L.I.F.E Fact Sheet on Ferret vs Dog bites.
7/29/02 • Added a page to address commonly asked questions and misconceptions about the relationship between the Domesticated Ferret and the Black Footed Ferret.
6/21/02 Lawsuit Update
6/16/02 • Added a brief update on legalization efforts.
LIMITED EDITION "Fight the Ban" license plate available.
• Re-formatted and updated the fundraising "Buy products to raise awareness and money for Ferret Legalization efforts in NYC" pages.
• Added links to the Site Map for older information re: Kathryn Freed's previous ferret bill, including information on how prior Council Members voted. The pages were there before but the links seemed to have been omitted from the Site Map page.
• Updated Who To Write page with more current contact info for Council Members
• Updated several links throughout the site
4/12/02 • Removed the voice mail number from the Contact Us page.

We think you should know why we no longer have a voicemail number. Onebox built its successful business by advertising free voicemail service forever. They stated that no matter what paid services were offered, there would always be a free basic service available as well. Now that their business has taken off, they are discarding all the people who helped their company grow by going back on that promise and no longer offering a free basic service of any kind. We understand that many companies offer free services and later add fees. But no other company has ever gone to the lengths that Onebox did to falsely promise and assure their clients that they could depend on there always being a free basic service no matter what. We encourage everybody to think twice about how Onebox treats its customers before using any of their services in the future.
3/23/02 • Updated Council Member Jennings' address on the Who To Write page.
2/4/02 Gifford Miller (who voted in favor of legalizing ferrets) is the New Speaker for the City Council!
• Updated holiday related material throughout the site.
• Added some code to hopefully make the website more "Search Engine friendly."
12/19/01 • Since the number one purpose of this site has always been to provide accurate up to date information to NYC Ferret owners about the NYC ferret ban, we've finally moved NYCFerrets.Com to a new, more reliable webhosting company. In short, what that means is that the website should work better from now on! AOL (where the site was before) was giving too many "error", "please reload", and "server busy" messages which made it very difficult for people to access the website on a consistent basis. Now that we've moved to a new provider (same address though "www.NYCFerrets.Com") the site should be relatively hassle free and more accessible to more users on a more consistent basis.
• A re-direct page has been put up at the old AOL address with a form for people to let us know how they arrived at the old address. Hopefully this will help us update everybody who isn't using the "www.NYCFerrets.Com" address yet.
New email address added.
• A few minor changes were made as a result of moving the site (Moving the Counter to the main page, splitting the "join our email list" info into 2 pages etc.) but everything else should look the same.
12/2/01 • Added "A website visitor reported that Mr. Vallone Jr. is "Pro Ferret"" to Who To Write page.
11/30/01 • Added more information about iGive to the fundraising page
• Fixed the link to iGive so we can now earn $1 for each person who makes a purchase through an iGive link within 45 days of joining.
• Fixed a few "typos" throughout.
11/28/01 Support the stores and businesses that have supported our NYC Ferret legalization efforts when you do your holiday shopping!
Drop your 2002 Council Member a quick note or card over the holidays!
• Added addresses for 2002 Politicians to Who To Write page
• Added iGive link to Fundraising page, as well as information about "cookies".
• Added a few rollover scripts throughout the site (it's a programming thing that makes some words light up when your mouse is on top of them if you have a newer browser)
• Removed and/or updated outdated Election Information
• Added one more "find out who your Council Member is" link to our "Join our Email List" page since people still seem to be missing that information! :)

• Added endorsement for Mark Green as Mayor to the Candidates page.
• Added a copy of Gary Kaskel's "Friends of Ferrets" email endorsing Mark Green to the Candidates page.

10/31/01 • Added a couple of paragraphs to Candidates page re: neither choice for Mayor looking particularly promising without further information.

• Updated NYC Election and candidate information throughout the site and removed old links
• Added reminder to "Current News" page to VOTE for "ferret friendly" candidates on November 6th.
• Removed "We've changed the look of our website" info from "Current News" page.
• Added "Fundraising" as a separate link in the Navigation Menu.
• Added background color to Navigation Menu.
• Added a different "Ferret Fact" to the main page.
• Updated Site Map.
• Fixed some minor typographical errors throughout the site.

9/5/01 • Added ferret friendly candidates for districts 6 and 51 based on information provided by visitors to the website.
8/19/01 • Added shorter opening page with "ferret fact" and link to "Current News" so site will load faster.

• Big HUGE overhaul of the website.
• New look -It's about time don't you think?
• New URL: www.NYCFerrets.Com
• All the "old" info is still here but may have moved around a bit. To help you find files more easily we've added a "Site Map"
• Added "About NYCFerrets.Com"
• Added a hotline number and combined that with our email and address info into "Contact Us"
• Changed the format of our email list and split it into 2 lists
• Added information about Candidates and upcoming NYC elections
• Added "Ferret Ban FAQs"
• Added a section to "Learn More About Ferrets" with some new and some old more familiar materials.
• Added information on how you can save money on shipping if you buy BOTH a "Kathryn Freed" AND "NYCFerrets fundraising" T-shirts.

8/7/01 Buy a T-shirt and help support Kathryn Freed's campaign for NYC Public Advocate!
7/15/01 Buy a T-shirt and help raise money for NYC Ferrets!
6/20/01 Unfortunately, ferrets will not be legalized this time around...

The City Council has until June 20th to override the Mayor's veto, if they choose to.
Help get Kathryn Freed on the ballot for NYC Public Advocate. Not only has she fought hard for all pet owners these past two years, but it's important that we keep her in office. -Especially if our bill doesn't pass this year!

5/21/01 Mayor Giuliani Vetoed the Ferret Bill
5/20/01 Write to the Council Members who ABSTAINED or MISSED THE VOTE.
5/16/01 The Mayor's Public Hearing is Monday May 21st, at 11am.
5/15/01 Write to the Council Members who voted NO at the May 9th vote and find out why some of them voted the way that they did.
5/12/01 • NEWS RELEASE: Freed Thanks Full Council For Supporting Bill
• Changed Email link for Mayor.
5/11/01 Write Thank You letters to Freed and Vallone.
• More information added about the May 9th vote including who voted yes, and what they said at the vote!
5/10/01 Write and call the Mayor TODAY and ask him to sign Intro 627-A into law.
• New Form Letters and Postcards for the mayor added
• "Urgent" request for stamps removed -Thank you to all who responded. We have enough for right now, but we can always use more.
5/9/01 Intro 627-A PASSED the Full City Council Vote -but there's still a lot of work to do. Right now, there aren't enough votes to override a potential Mayoral veto.
4/27/01 Intro 627-A will go to the FULL City Council for the FINAL VOTE on May 9th 2001.
• Posted revised version of the bill (Intro 627-A as opposed to the original version Intro 627)
• Updated flyer.
• Form Letter and Postcard templates added (see link above for May 9th vote)
• Request for STAMPS to help get the mailing out.
• Minor changes throughout the site with regards to the above.
4/19/01 • Today The City Council Health Committee voted in favor of legalizing ferrets.
• Various changes made throughout the site with regards to today's vote.
• The people to write at this time are your Local City Council Members.
4/17/01 • Added info for those planning to attend the City Council Health Committee vote on April 19th.
4/2/01 • Our bill has been scheduled for a vote before the Health Committee on Thursday April 19th.
• Updated address for making contributions to Kathryn Freed's Public Advocacy Campaign.
• Some small changes in graphics.
1/27/01 • Slight change to page 1 of the flyer clarifying what links on the Council Website will help people find out who their Council Member is. The 3rd to last line on page 1 of the flyer is the only change.

• New Flyers Added. Make sure you're distributing the latest copy!
• "Time To Write Your Local Council Member" info added throughout site.
December 18th Hearing info moved to its own page
• "Thank You"s to FACT and Kista Ferret shelters added to our front page -a long overdue oversight. We apologize!
• Some new directories added (Won't affect you unless your website links to pages on our website other than our main page.)

1/4/01 Fundraiser for Kathryn Freed on January 8th
• Separated "donation info" for Kathryn Freed's Campaign to its own page and included more information on how and why your contribution to her Public Advocate 2001 Campaign may be quadrupled!
12/23/00 • Added info about December 18th Public Hearing
• Changed information in "Help Us Get the Word Out" section to reflect that we are currently out of wallet-sized cards, but still need names of ferret vets and pet stores as well as volunteers to keep in touch with them.
12/16/00 • Removed outdated material re: Fundraiser for Kathryn Freed
• Added Last Minute Reminders re: Public Hearing on Monday
12/12/00 Assignment #3 added: Write to the members of the Health Committee
12/9/00 Fundraiser for Kathryn Freed on December 13th!
• Added "Thank You"s to The Ferret Store, Modern Ferret Magazine, and our many volunteers.

• Assignment #2 added: Contact Your Ferret Veterinarians

12/4/00 New Flyer added
• Announcement that new "assignments" will be given during the next two weeks. Check the home page often.

• A NEW Public Hearing date has been set! Monday December 18, 2000 at 10 am.
• More Hearing related info added, including a phone number to check for future hearing date changes, a 3 minute time limit for speakers, and a change to show up approximately 30 minutes before the hearing to speak (instead of 1 hr.)

11/20/00 The hearing date has been changed!
11/12/00 • Added request for stamps.
11/9/00 • Added information for people wishing to speak at the hearing (Kathryn Freed's page)
• Added a reminder to bring 10 copies of any material submitted at the hearing to leave with the Health Committee members. (Kathryn Freed's page)
• Added an additional phone number for one of the Health Committee members. (Who To Write page)

• The New York City Council Health Committee Public Hearing on Council Member Kathryn Freed's Ferret Regulation Bill: Intro 627, is scheduled for Thursday, December 7, 2000 at 10 am.
Read more about it

8/9/00 • Updated Flyer has been added
• A few more Ferret Facts added
• The most important people to write at this time has been changed to YOUR local council members
• Updated/removed dated info from the site

• Information added for Kathryn Freed's Fundraiser including endorsement from NYC Friends Of Ferrets
Message from Kathryn Freed added (re. Public Advocate campaign)


• The following were added to the Lawsuit section

• Minor changes made throughout the site with regards to the current status of the lawsuit.


Lawsuit update on today's court proceedings
• Temporarily removed our flyer from the site while we update it yet again!


• Updated Flyer.
• Added link to Flyer page for alternate "text only" download page for Adobe Acrobat Reader.
• Added copy of Order to Show Cause
• Added copy of Temporary Injunction
• Added translation of Temporary Injunction

5/20/00 • Mayor Giuliani is no longer running for New York State Senator. Site references to his running for NY State senate have been removed.
5/5/00 • Added temporary injunction info to first/opening paragraph of site.
5/4/00 • Judge Braun will be making his decision soon. More info on the Lawsuit page.
• A page containing the Previous Lawsuit Updates has been added
4/19/00 • Judge Braun grants ferret owners' motion for a temporary injunction. More info on the Lawsuit page.
4/6/00 • Judge Braun is back on the case. More info on the Lawsuit page.
3/17/00 • New pictures added to home page.

• Added two new pages of guidelines to help people take action!

• Added Free California's Ferrets site to the Links page.
• Added directories (if you have a link leading to any page on this site besides the home page, you might need to change the link address)
• Changed the name of the "What to include in your letters" page to "Ferret Facts".
• Added a few new graphics.
• Lots of small fixes & shifting information around.

2/28/00 • The NYPIRG Council Finder seems to be in good working order, so we've removed our comment from the Who To Write page that stated it was "out of service a lot". Thank you to Steven for pointing this out to us.
2/24/00 • Fixed the Council Members email addresses on the Who To Write page. They should work properly now.
2/12/00 • Added new NYCFerrets PO Box address to various pages.
2/4/00 • Added New Judge's Name and mailing info to lawsuit page.
2/2/00 • Preliminary info added re: the Change in Judges for the lawsuit.
1/12/00 • Added Plaintiffs' Reply to Lawsuit page.
1/7/00 • Small fixes throughout the site.
• Added link to Lawsuit page for more info on Judge Braun
• Added link to Kathryn Freed's page for more info on Kathryn Freed

• Updated Kathryn Freed's information regarding donations to her campaign for NYC Public Advocate.
• Added a simple list of currently banned animals minus all the legal info.
• Added Melissa Drake's Ferret Toons to the links page.


Lawsuit update added.

11/30/99 • Added information about Council Member Kathryn Freed running for Public Advocate and her fundraising event.
11/29/99 Department of Health's Ferret Ban page added with a brief history of "what happened".
Dr. Taylor's letter added with our comments and numerous links disproving the misinformation contained within his letter. Dr. Taylor was also known as the NYC DOH "Anonymous star witness" during the June 1999 hearings.

Lawsuit update added. Order to Show Cause scheduled for Thursday Dec. 2nd.
• Added Thank You to Gary Kaskel.

11/21/99 Ferrets Across America added to Links page
11/18/99 I Support Ferret Education Award added to Links page
11/13/99 • More graphics added
11/12/99 • Added the ASPCA and Humane Society Pro-Ferret testimony from the DOH hearings.
• Added documentation pertaining to the lawsuit against the DOH and Mayor Giuliani, including the Press Release, Summons, Complaint, Affidavits, and the Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Law.
• Added The Ferret Store to links page.
Updated version of our flyer added. The main difference is the addition of a snail mail address for future mailings. (If you have email, we prefer you stay on that mailing list. It's cheaper for us.) There are also some minor updates within the text of the flyer.
• Minor text revisions/updates throughout the site.

• Some graphics, links and other minor changes have been updated throughout the site.
• Various updates throughout the site, primarily related to:

• The need for letters to the city council urging them to set a hearing date for Intro 627 ASAP.
• Requests to Help NYCFerrets' Efforts to get ferret ban information out to NYC ferret owners.


Kista Ferret Shelter link added

9/19/99 • A few more graphics added.  
9/16/99 • New Layout for site
• Some new graphics added
• New Java clock added
• Newer Mailing List Button added
• More information added to the Lawsuit section. Donations are needed by 10/28/99.
• Added Donations Needed page
• Added info and forms to submit NYC ferret Vets and Pet Stores for a mailing
• Added the number for Ms. Freed's bill to several pages "Intro 627: The Ferret Regulation Bill".
• Added a little more information about the 9/9/99 Press Conference (w/ permission from the people involved) including the identity of "the man w/ the purple ferret on his shoulder."
9/11/99 • Email with subject button added
9/9/99 • Added info about what happened at the 9/9/99 Press Conference
• Added How A Bill Becomes A Law
9/7/99 • Added NYC Press Conference DATE CHANGE to main page.
• Buttons added.  The only links that open in new windows now are those that lead outside the NYCFerrets website. All other documents will now open in the same window and have a "Home" button added at the bottom of the page. If you do not see a button at the bottom of the page, hold down the <CNTRL> key and click the refresh/reload button in your browser to ensure that you're getting the latest version of that page.
9/6/99 • Added somewhat better graphics
9/4/99 • Changed Sam's Ferret Legalisation link to Ferrets In Need
9/3/99 • Added NYC Ferret Ban Flyer in downloadable PDF form
• Fixed link to send email to Kathryn Freed (Thank you Barb for pointing out the broken link!)
9/2/99 9/8/99 Press Conference Announcement
• Proposed Ferret Regulation Bill added. Scheduled for introduction to NYC Council on 9/9/99
Lawsuit info added
Updates page added
What to Include in Your Letters moved off the first page to its own separate page.
• Link added to Sam's Ferret Legalisation page
9/1/99 Xela House link added
7/1/99 - 9/1/99 • Lots of changes to the site that we didn't document! :)
7/1/99   NYC Ferrets web site opens!
6/29/99 Ferrets are made illegal in New York City

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